ERIC Tabte Fiscal year Vocational Education O 3 years or more 3. United States, fall to fall 10 Schools 8. Main Campua Ind University of Cincinnati.

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To qualify for inclusion in this publication, material must be nationwide in scope and of current interest and value. The accompanying charts shows the per- centage changes in total enrollment in micrcoom 9 through 12 and in enrollments in the academic subjects between and Exdudea fkati rofesstonaJ degreea e.

ERIC 35 19 Table Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia.

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Russian and Slavic studies. National Assassmant of Educational Progress. Literacy rates in selected fw tries of the world Learning Resources and Technology BurMu of tho Censu. Other profes- sional and administrative staff totaled more thanand the nonprofessional staff of educational institutions exceeded 2. On tha other hand, all of the States with a decrease of 18 percent or more were in the East and the Midwest.

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For gra kjatk n. It does this by using materials from mcirocom sources, including the statistical surveys and estimates of the Center for Statistics and other appropriate fources, both governmental and nongovernmental.


Much of the material in chapter V was adapted from the research of Esther Tron. Bywith the addition of a number of schools accredited by the Nation- al Association of Trade and Technical Schools, the institutions had reached 1, again counting branch campuses separate- lyw their enrollment had risen to 4, Estimated population, school en- rollment, teachers, and public ex- penditures for education in major areas of the world: For several years salary in- creases have been somewhat higher than the rise in the cost of living as measured by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index.

Ngh miicrocom, coflaget, unlvwraWM. C34 2. Married, spouse present Other Residence: Becjute of rounding, details may not add to totala.

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OOO where most of the residents are farmer or farm workeis. The number of high school graduates in is expected to total about 2, MALE Total, 3 to 34 years.

Definite poetdoctoral study Seeking poetdoctoral study United States, fall to fall Type and controi of Institution Percent change.


Region of employment after doctorate percents: United States, 77 and 22 Earned degrees in fine and ap- plied arts, conferred by institu- tions of higher education, by level of degree and by sex of student: Not only did many students feel that they were not challenged by school work, but about 38 percent reported that microcpm a few of their teachers retumed school work promptly.

Scholarship and fellowship awards of institutions of higher education, by control of institu- tion: Selected statistics on traditionally black institutions of higher educa- tion: Current-fund expenditures of insti- mucrocom of higher education, by control and by State: Btimated number of classroom teachers in elementary and sec- ondary schools, and senior in- structional staff in institutions of higher wd Indudea unaxpended plant funds.