Hello Dave, Thank you very much for posting your code and other codes for this project. I’m very glad you got it working and that the code was useful to you. Although I have been able to port it to an Explorer16 board so it does look promising. Now I read that you used C32 compiler for compiling your code. I have set up one to send data and one to receive.

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ICD4 disables breakpoints 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond So I finally got it working. Essentials Only Full Version.

MRF24J40 – Wireless – Wireless Modules – Wireless

I’m not using dadio so I changed this to: It should also be quite easy to use the radio in polling mode instead of interrupt driven – just call the interrupt routine frequently enough. All I wanted to see is ‘successful compilation’ with the tools I have. I realized that it should not be too hard now. It includes definitions for special function registers mrr24j40 more. Please post here if you’ve got any questions. Although I have been able to port it to an Explorer16 board so it does look promising.


This was originally based on MiWi P2P v3. If yes, then Can i compile your code with PIC18f in C32 compiler standart free version, 60 days trial? If you can do that, you can post it here microhip an attachment, or email me privately. I have C18 compiler free version. Would you mind posting the code as ported to the PIC24, so that other people using the PIC24 can start from your version? Ofcourse it needs two to actually work.

I do know of one person who said she was porting it to the PIC18, but Rdio don’t know how that came out.

Thanks in advance All the details, including a download link, are here: Don’t get me wrong, the MiWi stack is great but sometimes it is just so much easier to start with the basics when sending a packet from A to B is all you need.

Added files from your project to mien so that I can see if I can compile it. I also suspect that the SPI registers might be different. Hi Dave, The code is much simpler and easier to understand.


Can you kindly advise or gadio me in right direction?

Trying to implement a simple data transmition between two devices for an university project robot and a wireless hand-held device to monitor the parameters from the robot. Thank you very much and I appreciate your intention to help others.

Simple driver code for Microchip MRF24J40 radio (now available)

That mrf2j440 not be too hard since the radio is communicating with SPI. Cheers, –Dave –Dave http: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? I also want to give the hardware SPI one more go since I havn’t got that to work yet. Maybe someone has tried to get this working on ATMega32? However, the receiver side never receives anything.

MRF24J40MA – Wireless – Wireless Modules – Wireless

Same deal for interrupt lines IIRC. The main changes as you say are in hardware. Thanks very much for posting this.