The change from 10uF to 1uF tantalum could influence the tone a little. Jan 24, 6. Great boards at a great price for sure. I ended up just tying the mosfet in on the component side and it is holding and working fine like that. I’ve never heard of this DIY page before! Tonally it was great. Thought of trying them out myself but I could never get the PCB transfer print size right.

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Tonally it was great. Jan 24, 6.

Egodriver – fulltone OCD

Holy crap, he’s got a DM-2 on there. If you want to madbsan C7 out for the 1uF, then go for it! The FD3 doesn’t have the same cut. I am part owner of Function F X. Also, if you are not using the TL, try getting one at Radio Shack. I actually use it more with my bass than guitar.


Any Fulltone OCD fans?

So, changing the IC might have some impact. So egoo work on that! I’ll be doing biz there when I complete a few more projects I have lying around.

I have not tried this particular change. Love the HP setting.

I madbeann checked all components and they match up with the project 2. Not so much from the value, but there probably is a nominal difference in sound between electrolytic and tantalum.

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KindaFuzzyJan 25, I sold my ver. I also moved my power switch to the input side because that is my favorite side to put it on. It’s something I added in as additional filtering for PS. I am part owner of Function F X.

Search Media New Media. Jan 23, 2.

Blakemore EffectsJan 25, Rat TM – On Sale. I like his stuff. Where are you guys getting your parts from? A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out.

  CANON IR2270 2870 DRIVER

How hard would one of these be to build?

Any Fulltone OCD fans? |

Thanks for the comparison between the original and Ego. The board version I have is 2. The Ego Driver is especially cool because it has a clipping switch for mosfets — which are stock from what I understand — and LEDs.

Anyways, anyone else like the OCD?

Build GuideComponent Buying Guide. Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. The change from 10uF to 1uF tantalum could influence the tone a little. eho