Right now, I have tried to play something using Guitar Rig, but not opening it in Reaper, and there are no clicks or anything like that These are frequent enough to make mixing impossible. Anyway, unfortunately, my answer is still the same: The other port was usb 3. Reaper is really cool that I can set the path to the VST’s but it did lose EZ Drummer and will not reload it, even though it is in the path. Windows 7 calls it “USB audio device,” so no help there.

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In asko buffering submenu, I have thread priority set to time critical, and behavior set to 15 – very aggressive. Any help would be appreciated!

Your problem sounds very similar to mine, but I have never had any other audio hardware installed on this computer, so maybe that isn’t part of the problem.

If the Alpha is not plugged in at all and I use the laptop speakers, there are no glitches at all. It will play through it but there’s no sound.


If I go to audio devices and open up the asio control panel for whatever driver I am using, the problems disappear for a while. But a few weeks ago I started getting problems during playback. There are pops and stutters in the sound, and sometimes there are bursts of loud static.


Anyway, unfortunately, my answer is still the same: Contact Us Archive Top. You only need to post your question in one forum.

I actually keep a diagram next to my computer showing what gets plugged into every port, so when I need to take things apart I can put it back together the same way.

I grabbed it, installed it and the Lambda was available on the buss. Mac Intel multi-core system required OS X Oexicon knobs and meters offer easy access to input and output levels.

Reaper is really cool that I can set the path to the VST’s but it uzb lose EZ Drummer and will not reload it, even though it is in the path.

I would prefer to use my device because it is extremely low latency, and would rather not purchase the asil cable unless its absolutely necessary. The preamps run on a high-voltage supply to guarantee stability and provide you with a superior recording across a wide dynamic range.

Problems with Lexicon Alpha [Archive] – Cockos Incorporated Forums

The other port was usb 3. I have Win7 64bit operating system. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Lexicon IO 82 overview. I’d make sure Windows is properly using your sound card for it’s audio playback and record and not the Omega.

Please read and follow the instructions provided to complete this process. USB Audio Device 4.

Forgotten which drivers I need to use with Lexicon Omega to make it record in Home Studio4

Loud bursts of static that usn recording impossible when using the ASIO driver its fine using any other driver. You can not post a blank message.


I wish I could just buy a new interface and leave these problems behind, but that’s not lexcion option right now. I have found that if I boot my laptop and just use the Alpha for Ableton straight away I have no bursts of static at all if I use the sound card for another function I.

Using a PC ASIO USB input device such as the Lexicon Alpha | Forums

I had a sb audigy before and although I have uninstalled all the drivers I still have the creative asio show up in the audio preferences of Reaper, I have a gut feeling that is part of my problem. Lexicon direct was not enabled by default. Beagle Max Output Level: Reply Share this post.

USB Audio Device 7. Any advertised discounts or savings will still apply.

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