It is the responsibility of the hardware vendor of an audio device, to provide an adapter driver. IPinName In Windows 7 and later operating systems, the IPinName interface is used by miniport drivers to report and update the names of audio endpoints. The IPreFetchOffset interface controls the prefetch offset, which is the number of bytes separating the play and write cursors in a DirectSound output stream. There are no open issues. This component is provided in the form of a DLL Audiokse. The following discussion assumes that the reader is familiar with kernel streaming KS concepts.

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The IAdapterPowerManagement3 interface inherits from IUnknown, and it is used for receiving power management messages.

This feature allows for better support for multifunction cards. Hardware vendors write miniport drivers to directly control their hardware devices, but the port drivers that implement the KS filters are provided with the operating system.

Introduction to Port Class – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

The IMiniport interface is the generic miniport interface that all miniport objects support. In the preceding figure, the physical connections between the MIDI, Wave Xxxand topology filters all transport analog audio signals.

Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. IAdapterPnpManagement is an interface that adapters should implement and register if they want to receive PnP management messages.


IPortClsRuntimePower is the interface that the port class driver PortCls uses for accessing miniporf runtime power management capabilities of the audio adapter. The Topology port driver controls the portion of the audio adapter circuitry that mixes together the rendering streams from the wave and MIDI devices. GetEngineFormatSize Gets the format type and the buffer size for the audio engine’s audio data format.

Miniporf to Port Class.

Other Implementation Issues for Audio Drivers. The PcRegisterSubdevice function registers a subdevice to make it available for use by clients.

Typically, these filters are software modules that, together with the adapter topology, form a larger filter minipkrt whose topology can be explored by applications using the mixer Xxx functions. For background information, see Kernel Streaming. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.

IMiniportAudioEngineNode – Windows driver | Microsoft Docs

Choose the type you’d like to provide: Read about this change in our blog post. When the operating system loads the adapter driver, the adapter driver creates a set of miniport driver objects and prompts the PortCls system driver to create a corresponding set of port driver objects.

GetAudioEngineDescriptor Gets the descriptor for the audio engine node. This interface allows a miniport driver to minipoort KS properties that access the audio engine via a KS filter handle. IMiniportPnpNotify is an optional interface to allow miniport objects audio subdevices to receive PnP state change notifications.


Choose the type you’d like to provide: Gets the minimum and maximum buffer size that the hardware audio engine can support.

There are no open issues. Read about this change in our blog post. The IResourceList interface provides an abstraction of a configuration resource list, which is a list of the system hardware resources that the Plug and Play manager assigns to a device at startup time.

Typically, the pins on the Topology filter are tied to the pins on the wave, MIDI, and DMus filters through hardwired connections in the adapter circuitry. The port and miniport drivers communicate with each other through well-defined software interfaces.

Rules for AVStream Drivers

Installing a Port Class Audio Adapter. The code example in Subdevice Creation illustrates this process. These connections are hardwired and cannot sk changed by software.

GetSupportedDeviceFormats Gets the supported audio data formats for the audio device. The adapter driver calls the initialization method on this interface.