If you are using SL4FJ as a logging facade is a must-have. JAMon provides the ‘add’ method to handle these situations. We were told to go to the 3rd floor. JavaSpecialists We deliver relevant courses, by top Java developers to produce more resourceful and efficient programmers within their organisations. There might be several instances of Class. I also have a couple releases planned with some cool new features over the next couple months. This was extremely easy to set up and configure and it is currently logging everything I need in the way that I want it.

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After waiting there for about kamon minutes, we were told that we had to go to the 3rd floor, where we were very reluctantly helped. This monitor allows developers to see if they are reusing their PreparedStatements.

StartTime – The time the query started ExecutionTime – The time in milliseconds that the query took to run. SneakerDriver and it will automatically be 1 in the chain of drivers.

All that you need to do is use their JDBC driver, point it to your driver, and you’re done. Each row contains the following columns. It is sometimes quite useful to know how long a database statement takes to complete and how frequently it is called. Java Training We deliver relevant courses, by top Java developers to produce more resourceful and efficient programmers within their organisations.


Please enter a title. You will have to put your own JDBC connection settings in there to test it. The finished program is supposed to run on a remote DB to which I don’t have unrestricted access, meaning I cannot edit postgresql. PreparedStatements will have ‘? One strength of jamon is the diversity of things that it can monitor and the ease with which you can do it.

Or it could be used to insert a monitoring JDBC connection that measures the length of database queries. Driver”, “user”, “pw” ; I don’t notice any difference though. Features – The following contain links to useful JAMon features: Simply add some lines to your web.

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Spring Monitoring – Monitor any Spring bean. When you load these comments, you’ll be connected to Disqus. Each row contains the following columns ID – An increasing integer that indicates the number of the query since the server was last booted.

Statements will always have a value of 0 here as they aren’t reused. Here is some proxxy on my own JAMon open source monitoring tool.

monitoring sql’s using JAMon (Performance forum at Coderanch)

Please visit our new self-study course catalog to see how you can upskill your Java knowledge. By using jdcb site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I understand the warning in general no appenders are defined for this classbut don’t really understand how to add the appenders from my log4j.


This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. This is how I open my connection: A demo can be found at http: Have you tried Nagios http: Also, I defined the FileAppender in logback. Tips and Tricks Java Version: For example a stacktrace, method arguments, or http parameters could be passed in.

JAMon (Java Application Monitor)

In the latest edition, they have support for monitoring JDBC calls. JAMon provides the ‘add’ method to handle these situations.

This is a screen snapshot of sql. The spirit of the license is that there are no restrictions on its use. Methods and Exceptions are annotated in the example below.