Exterminate evil with homing missles. New smooth original graphics and cool sounds makes your space journey more exciting and fascinating. Click to see larger images This application provides a real-time monitoring utility to keep your system in top performance, but its short trial period may not be enough time for novice users to explore all its options. WinFortress features a skinnable interface that is relatively easy to use. The program allows you to easily delete, disable, or kill a process running on your system with a click of a button.

You also can view detailed information regarding specific processes or services online through such popular search engines as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

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3330 adjustment of image and text frames allows for easy creation of your desired 3330. Pixbook also includes a number of useful tools and features, such as: Image Rotation Image Cropping Monotone Effect Sepia Effect Colour Invert Red Eye Reduction Text Rotation Color Picker Resolution support up to 600dpi Once you’ve added your images and captions and completed the layout of your virtual album, you then send it to us via the Internet or on a CD-ROM.

We then print your design using a professional Kodak digital printing press using high quality paper and then finish your design with the covering of your choice.

Recent changes Just put out a bugfix release.

This fixes a bug that was causing the applications to appear twice on the selection list on some systems. The PC De-Crapifier is designed to remove a specific list unwanted software in an unattended fashion.

Before running, the user may select exactly what software should be removed.

Currently, it is targeted for use on most Dell machines; however it will theoretically run on anything that has the software listed below. The user can select 3330 what is uninstalled from the list below QuickBooks Trial NetZero Installers Earthlink 303 Files Tiscali Internet Files Wanadoo Europe 3330 Corel Photo Album 6 McAffee Personal Firewall McAffee SpamKiller McAffee VirusScan Online McAffee Security Center Google Desktop Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer America Online 9.


0 3330 Version America Online 9.

0 UK Version Musicmatch Jukebox Musicmatch Music Services Get High Speed Internet. Internet Service Offers Launcher Norton Ghost 10.

0 Search Assistant MS Plus.

Photo 33 2 LE MS Plus. Digital Media Edition Installer Corel Word Perfect Roxio RecordNow Sonic DLA Sonic Update Manager Sonic RecordNow Audio Sonic RecordNow Copy Roxio MyDVD LE Run Registry Keys If you have a large collection of photos, one of the best ways to show them off is by using them as desktop wallpaper.

But if you can’t be bothered to change your wallpaper manually, then you could use Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer.

This app takes over the wallpaper management on your system, updating the Windows desktop background automatically according to the specifications you set in the program’s configuration menu.

You can choose the image folder you want the program to use, select the time interval between each new wallpaper and also set the preferred layout.

Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer features a wide range of options for choosing the wallpaper time interval, from one minute to one month, and including also the possibility to change it with each log-on.

330 Image folders can be easily filtered so that the program doesn’t use a specific sub-folder.

On the downside, Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer only includes two layout options (centered or full screen) and doesn’t allow you to set it separately for each picture.

What’s more, the center layout includes a tagline with the program’s URL that can’t be removed. Despite a few minor flaws, Caledos Automatic Wallpaper Changer is still a very handy way to renew your Windows wallpaper.


Tiffany Screens is a presentation tool, able to capture the content of the presenter’s screen and send it to multiple other computer screens at the same time.

Any computer can seamlessly become the presenting computer, no matter if connected wirelessly or through an Ethernet cable. The self-contained solution does neither require nor use a server.

It automatically detects all computers on a local network, running the software and those computers can watch the presentation projected onto their screens.

Best of all, with a single button click, any computer can switch from watching into presenting mode.

MotionView. is a video analysis software product that will help you improve your game, or the game of those you coach, like no other teaching aid can.

MotionView. will turn your PC, laptop, or PocketPC into a high-tech video analysis coaching system, and you will discover a teaching tool unlike any other.

Connect any camera or camcorder and let MotionView.

capture the action. Then use the easy motion analysis software tools and side-by-side comparison features to analyze the action in many different ways.

Whether you are a professional coach or 3330 serious player looking for ways to improve your game, isn’t it time you put video analysis software technology to work for you.

Sony ACID XPres has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn’t have a review in English.