Subscribe to the similar products now. We barely felt any lag or delays. Just get the hardware right and stuff in Android Jelly Bean 4. Subscribe to this review and notify me of comments. Received this extremely quickly DHL and it is an amazing bit of kit.

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Two Owner Reviews Of Retina-Class iFive Mini 3 | Mike Cane’s xBlog

Compare prices Specs Reviews Forum. Does the Huawei Nova 3i Rule the Roost? It says the mini 3 is able to deal with only a few frames in one second at its native resolution.

Now what are the pros and cons of looking and feeling like an iPad Mini? Add a comment 0 Was this review helpful to you? Any problems with content heavy pages? And I can just confirm your statements.

iFive Mini 3 Unboxing and Initial Review: It’s Like the iPad Mini with Android

Unboxing miji us was straightforward. The iFive Mini 3 slips in comfortably and tightly without any problem. I can’t find this tablet at the price you said it was where did you buy it? A sample photo from the back camera: Battery Life I believe the battery life is very close to the officially assumed mAh, because without long-time gaming, it decently last me for a day.


But two or three months later, for most people, all they remember is an iPad mini with Retina display, just as its official name suggests.

Thanks for your cooperation and consideration. Please Login first if you want to submit your product review. We barely felt any lag or delays. Here I took a photo with iFive mini 3 and iPad mini 2 compared via the same picture of 2, by 1, pixels.

V4A sound enhancement ifivd 9 Join NovaLauncher prime version, interface improvements ifive Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You can see from the video review that there was no delay or hiccup. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that all the information shown, such as prices, specs, images, etc.

iFive Mini 3 Tablet Adopts Some Sort of Tiled UI – Tablet News

Click all images for much larger: For the little use that I did not need to create that change the rom installed. Habe es auch meinen Freuden und Bekannten empfohlen, die werden es auch kaufen. Features are spot on, everything works, and running a custom ROM reveals the true power of the tablet. An iPad mini clone with Retina display sounds closer to the original product and with some sense of high tech.


Only it would have been good to see color comics to show off the retina display. muni

In launcher that comes standard takes me 1 minute, I do not like those interfaces that simulate windows phone. A good stuff may be good in many ways, only a few of which are learnt by hearts though. Which custom ROM du you use?

Welcome to TinyDeal Discussion Forum. And the most user-friendly add-on may have been the Emoji icons in the input keyboardd.

We dug around the box to find what else was there and other than the manuals which were in Chinesewe only found a USB to micro USB cable and a ofive colorful wall charger, hehe.

As you can see the specs, for an Android tablet, is quite respectable.