All models have a Universal Serial Bus USB port standard for local connections, and optional parallel and serial connections are available. The user fills in an entry field on the web page with an internet address or URL of an existing file to be printed. The document server stores up to jobs or up to 5, pages. The Toner Darkness setting offers 10 user selectable settings to balance print darkness and toner savings. When jobs alternate frequently between simplex and duplex pages, throughput will be reduced due to the time needed to switch between simplex and duplex and back again.

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Actual performance depends on the following: This Infoprint printer is ideal for medium-to large-size workgroups because of its speed, small footprint, and highly reliable printing. To make it even easier, you receive postage-paid return labels to cover toner return costs.

Spanish Swedish ISO The additional data or commands may be to staple, separate documents with a cover page, copy and collate, print on both sides, offset stack, fax, or hole onfoprint each individual job. Up to 99 profiles may be defined. Paper capacity is up to sheets, face-up and non-collated. The factory default setting is 8. All models have a Universal Serial Bus USB port standard for local connections, and optional parallel and serial connections are available. The InfoPrint 32 and InfoPrint 40 offer high speed and a wide array of powerful features for your presentations, charts, reports, statements and reprographics applications.


Optional Input Capacity 2, sheet, high-capacity input with 3 drawers: MarkVision Professional is a cross-platform print management solution that enables IT administrators to proactively monitor and manage network devises in an enterprise environment via a web browser. An optional Copy Connect Cable may be used to connect two printers together to load balance copy jobs between two printers. The StapleSmart Finisher has two handy storage compartments for storing extra staple cartridges.

DPRU is a separate program that uses the printer drivers to download.

IBM Infoprint 1332 and 1352 — New 35 and 40 PPM Printers for Small to Large Workgroups

The base model ijfoprint comes with parallel standard. The listener application may also issue a multicast query to seek previously undetected printers which may be present on the network.

pz The file is transferred over the network only once: The multifunctional system can also be used in the datacenter as a high-production printer with multiple data stream support. This option is a solution for very large print jobs that need to be sent as a whole to one large bin as opposed to splitting the large job up to separate smaller bins.

IBM & (Infoprint 32 & 40) | Argecy

Code page is also resident to be used for bar codes. In a simple example, a user could copy the printer on all outgoing email in order to create a hard-copy “chron-file”.

Examples of these gateways are:. These solutions must offer fast print speeds, exceptional quality, a wide range of capabilities and easy system integration-all at an infiprint total cost of ownership.


IBM Infoprint & n ( & N01) | Argecy

This port monitor provides real-time printer and job status. Designed to meet IBM iSeries’ and IBM zSeries customer requirements, while remaining compatible with other systems, the Infoprint and Infoprint are high-function production printers that facilitate consolidation between information technology and reprographics production centers.

Additionally, IBM’s optional Infoprint Manager software streamlines job management functions by automating job scheduling, tracking and accounting throughout the organization. Base Models The base models come standard with 64 MB of memory, a sheet auxiliary tray, and one sheet drawer. The default setting is “AUTO”. Supply items cannot be ordered as a service part. That is, only one Ethernet and only one Token-Ring card. Typical indoor ranges are meters and outdoor ranges are meters.

The address of the proxy server is a configuration item in the printer that can be set by the printer administrator.

The ADRF can scan pages up to 72 ppm 8. Moreover, RePro technology minimizes network traffic and can free users’ workstations more quickly for other tasks.

IBM does not recommend printing to the monthly maximum on a consistent basis. This feature is not available in Japan as the printer shipped in Japan comes with this feature as standard.