Alternatively, the can be configured for mounting in a standard inch EIA equipment rack with Rack Mount Kit feature This allows you flexibility in SAN configuration, availability, and management. This proven tape technology has enhanced digital speed matching, power management, channel calibration, servo technology, track layout, head design, error correction codes, and data compression. Load Balancing is not supported for Solaris. ServiceElect and ServiceSuite provide hardware warranty service upgrades, maintenance, and selected annuity support services in one agreement. Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates. Further, Data Path Failover provides autonomic self-healing capabilities similar to Control Path Failover, with transparent failover to an alternate data path in the event of a failure in the primary host-side path.

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The keypad controls navigation through the library menu for displaying status information and error codes on the LCD. IBM is your one-stop taps for IT support needs.

Two, of either feature or Digital Speed Matching – The Ultrium 2 Tape Drive will perform dynamic speed matching to adjust the drive’s native data rate as closely as possible to the net host data rate after data compressibility has been factored out. Fibre Channel cable lengths are limited to m ft for 1 Gbps link attachment and m ft for 2 Gbps link attachment.

The LTO-CM is used to hold information about that specific cartridge, the media in the cartridge, and the data on the media.

IBM TotalStorage 3582 Tape Library Model L23 supports Ultrium 3 Tape Drives

Tape cartridge capacity is up to GB native capacity GB with 2: They can help you integrate your high-speed networks, storage systems, application servers, wireless protocols and an array of platforms, middleware and communications software for IBM and many non-IBM offerings. The results are increased capacity, performance, and reliability in automated tape systems. A Bar Code Reader is standard for reading data libbrary labels, although the library can function with unlabeled cartridges.


If required, IBM provides repair or exchange service depending on the type of warranty service specified for your machine below. New dual stage 16 channel head actuator – designed to provide precision head alignment to help support higher track density and improved data integrity and backwards compatibility with previous LTO generations New independent tape loader and threader motors and positive pin retention – designed to help improve drive reliability Graceful dynamic braking – designed to maintain tension to help prevent stretching or breaking the tape and loose tape wraps Larger internal buffer – the internal buffer size has been doubled over Ultrium 2 to MB Highly integrated electronics using IBM engineered copper technology – designed to provide a more reliable drive For details on the Model F3A Tape Drive, refer to Hardware Announcement A, dated February 15, Servo and track layout technology – There are data tracks in Ultrium 3 versus data tracks in Ultrium 2.

Previews provide insight librqry IBM plans and direction. Sound Power Level LwAd: Stub length at each device must not exceed 0. Ultrium 3 Tape Drives and data cartridges can be resident in the same Tape Library frame with Ultrium 2 or Ultrium 1 Tape Drives and data cartridges and adjacent frames can have 352 Drives and data cartridges. The compression technology used in the tape drive can potentially double the amount of data that can be stored on the media; however, the actual degree of compression achieved is highly sensitive to the characteristics of the data being compressed.

IBM TotalStorage UltraScalable Tape Library Models now support the Tape Drive and expand

A Solutions Ib, call is required at a minimum for the installation of the first new in an account. The tape library is suitable for use in network-attached storage implementations, such as backups and mass storage archives where multi-terabyte capacities are required.


Amazon’s discontinued Kindle Voyage e-reader has never been cheaper. You must follow the problem determination and resolution procedures that IBM specifies. Storage and tape management for the is provided by software such as Tivoli Storage Manager and other industry-leading compatible software offerings. Refer to the Special Features section of the Sales Manual for more detailed information. New dual-stage channel head actuator – Librarry actuator is designed to provide precision head alignment to help support higher track density and improved data integrity.

Stub length at each device must not exceed 0. First, it can help improve performance if a subsequent append overwrites somewhere iibm the first filemark.

Load Balancing is not supported on Solaris. The RMU supports all operator panel functions as well as the ability to download robotics and drive firmware, and also upload error and event log information.

It is designed to non-disruptively txpe to a redundant accessor when any component of either accessor fails, which helps maintain availability and relibility. Software requirements The Tape Library is supported on the following operating systems at the minimum levels indicated: Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates.

Other company, product, and service ibn may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Description The IBM TotalStorage Tape Library is part of a family of tape library storage solutions designed for the large, unattended storage requirements from today’s midrange systems to high-end open systems. On-site Service IBM will repair the failing machine at your location and verify its operation. A key lock provides front door locking. IBM Ultrium media warranted separately.