Edge Erase Erasing Edges and Margin Shadows in the Document When you make copies with the document cover open or make copies from a book, black shadows sometimes appear along the edges and center margin of the paper. Set the top and bottom, and left and right values within the range from 0 to 50 mm in 1mm increments. Remove the paper in the direction of the arrow. Select the item to be changed. Paper Jams Return the unit 4 to the original position. Displays the [Date – Print On] screen. To deselect all the documents, select this button again.

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Send Date and Time The transmission start date and time is printed. The following shows the procedure for replacing the staple cartridge when a C Booklet Finisher installed. A3, 11 apeosporrt 17″, A4, A48. Documents are not Cause The Finisher is not attached. You can allocate features to the Custom 1 and 3 buttons with the same procedure. Cause The login name is not entered correctly. Cause The document is glossy printing paper.

Other Errors 16 Problem Solving Other Errors Remedies are described for situations in which the following messages are displayed. To set a user-defined subject Select [Subject]. The user account number is printed.


Page 59 Basic Copying Auto Copy All The height and width ratios are set automatically to match the paper size and the document is copied at a slightly reduced size to prevent image loss at the edge of the original. Page 16 Problem Solving Cause Paper pa jammed.

Pull down the lever 3. The following shows the reference section for each procedure.

Printer and scanner software for OS X Mountain Lion

Scan Options Top Page then Bottom Copies are made from the top page of facing pages in a document starting from the top page. Setup Menu Send as E-mail Specify the apsosport for the e-mail. Specifications Hole punching Paper size: Default Screen The screen is also displayed when the Auto Clear feature is used. Assign the relay recipient to an address number from to Reset Deletes or resets the data for the selected item. No Cover No cover is added.

A factory default value, or the value set in the System Default Value Administration mode.

Fx Apeosport I Ps B Driver Download

You can enter a password up to 20 apeoslort digits 0 to 9. Set the top and bottom, and left and right values within the range from 0 to 50 mm in 1mm increments. Up to 18 characters are allowed for a stored program’s name. Refer to “[2 Sided Originals] Screen” P. Action Follow the instructions displayed to remove the jammed paper. Inform the sender of the settings.


Lower left frame Displays a link to the Fuji Xerox home page.

Fx Apeosport 450 I Ps B Driver Download

Name Allows you to change the name of the document. Close the top cover [F] of the finisher transport.

Subject 5 Scan Keyboard Allows you to enter an e-mail address of up to characters. Form Line 5 – Default: Select a comment No.

Stapler Faults Stapler Faults The following describes how to solve stapler problems that may occur when the finisher optional is installed. Safety Notes Read these safety notes carefully before using this product to make sure you operate the equipment safely.