Just got the ‘Stopped working’ message and crash every time i tried, so i double checked and yes, the game is running off my integrated card instead of my good card. I can’t imagine SE ever allowing any flagship title to ‘cease to exist’, so i suspect that it will always be playable in some official capacity. Turn down the resolution or detail settings and you can get the normal 30 fps. I am using something called Voodoo warpper on my laptop which runs Nvidia m. They’ve been the bane of laptop gamers since they were first conceived. Just someone on the team who knows what they are doing and can dedicate some time to it.

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My quest to play FFXI on an Alienware M17x R3 with NVidia GeForce GTX 460M

Just someone on the team who knows what they are doing and can dedicate some time to it. Not Compatible Catalyst Can’t use max settings on that setup. EXE and nvdiia after it all was ready, I executed it and found the cold and terrible truth: Of course, since I have my game on pretty much all the time even from work, because I can use the game as “a chat” with my friends even when I am busy there is no point in reenabling NVidia video card “when I am not playing FFXI”, because if I am at th computer most likely I will have it on.


I have goten some advice that Radeon cards should work fine and could take the risk After the update, same thing.

High End Graphics Cards And FFXI (Nvidia Bug)

I have heard complaints of any browser crashing due to some of the flash ads on the wikia. Log in or Sign up. Also, any time it ever comes up in discussion among players who moved on to FFXIV, it is this game that widely fxfi supported as being the superior title.

It does feel a little bit like a missed opportunity though. Which would involve totally gutting PlayOnline. Also please note that DirectX 9.

Some people have had luck with this: I use chrome anyway, so that’s not an issue. I’ve been on and off over the years, but i think i’ll stick around nvidja while this time. Sorry to bombard with questions, the information just isn’t readily available and most FFXI players aren’t using the newest hardware yet.

A friend of mine ran into this issue too. A Realm Reborn was about more than just an apology to the fanbase Question about Liquid Metal application. I don’t know what SE plans to do with this game, but i can’t imagine them letting it die. It’s harassing another user. Of course, I did try to install the “verde” drivers from NVidia but couldn’t install them without the modified “nvdm.

Any flash can brick your computer.


Playing FF12 on emulator with the wide screen and fxfi looks gorgeous, as i’m sure the official HD upgrade will too. They can’t be recommended or used.

No, create an account now. I’ll give this a shot! Nivdia Sager Aug 21, For that and other reasons Flash is often blocked totally in firefox so I’m confused.

Struggling to get 30FPS on modern laptop [Archive] – FINAL FANTASY XI Forum

After that point I spent a lot of time online looking at forums and trying to find more people jvidia the same problem, which I found and also found the “patch” that has allowed me to play FFXI for now, but it is FAR from being the “optimal” pun intented, “optimus” solution: An error has occurred.

This is what I was recommended to nvidoa and with a little tweaking I got it to work perfectly. Even FF14 has more cheaper subscription plan compared to FF11, another thing I also find weird although that’s hardly a reason why I’m spending more time over FF Just clawing up to FPS is as best as i have been able to do