On June 4, , all remaining field offices were closed, marking the end of independent mapping efforts under the Etak banner. To build it, Etak had to devise technologies and collect data that are still in use today by some of the most familiar navigation apps and devices on the planet. He had already charted a new course—only this time, the race would be on land. He began discussions with Bushnell on how their proposed automobile navigation company should come to fruition. The Iter Auto, Paper scroll map , connected to the speedometer. I’m not surprised because someone just did. The latest TomTom GO navigation device integrates seamlessly with your phone.

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How Etak Paved the Way to Personal Navigation

I believe Apple requires CarPlay radios to provide wheel speed and compass readings along with GPS to the iPhone, and it gets used by CoreLocation to report location to apps. Picture driving a snow plow in the California sierras in whiteout conditions. I never get lost because I always know, where I am. By the time it came through, the company’s head start was gone and a Japanese competitor had moved in.

New features included IQ Routes, which estimated journey times based on erak recorded speeds, rather than speed limits, and Advanced Lane Guidance, an on-screen representation of the correct lane to take. It sounds like you might have some form of Topographical Disorientation: Dubbed Etak, the system was simultaneously far ahead of its time and doomed to failure by the constellation of global eta satellites being assembled overhead as it was being rolled out.


It apparently used a digital map customized for the normal area renters would drive to and it was common to do two or actually three things routinely: The Iter Auto, Paper scroll mapconnected to the speedometer.

People have gotten into floods easy to see when looking at rivers and topo on a map in advancestuck in snow, and have even died in the desert: So they tested various materials for cassette shells to see what could tolerate the heat.

If Folgers ran the eak.

Bushnell had hired Honey to navigate his racing yacht Charley through the Transpacific Yacht Race, a prestigious sailing event that tps 2, nautical miles of open ocean from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

It greatly reduces the cost of missed turns. It seems to be also known as a quantum compass.

I don’t miss turns, I’m not distracted trying to find some fallen-down or turned-sideways street sign or trying to read building numbers from the street, and I’m alerted to traffic backups so I have a chance of avoiding them. Joey from Friends has to go into the map while in London https: I hate seeing cars gpps across multiple lanes of traffic or even just one!

Start of add to list layer. MyDrive Manage your routes and view traffic information. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and gpd cookies.

White moved from Washington, D. Garmin basically did the impossible: Animats on Feb 27, That’s why we use cookies to improve our sites, to offer you information based on your interests and to post with social media.


TomTom Road Trips

The etakk mariners of that region navigated the seas by relying on a series of environmental cues, such as the positions of islands around them, combined with a mental perception of themselves in the center of the conceptual navigational space in their heads.

For that, the team relied on mostly off-the-shelf components. While studying at Stanford, Honey joined a co-op program at SRI, researching precision navigation and remote sensing technology for military and government use. Interesting to read about alternative, non-centralized, forms of navigation.

Who Needs GPS? The Forgotten Story of Etak’s Amazing Car Navigati

It worked by using a digital compass mounted somewhere in the car typically inside the etqk and two wheel sensors mounted on the non-driven wheels with magnetic strips installed on the wheel rims themselves. Ettak, at 60, he continues to navigate for winning sailboat racing crews around the world.

Device Management MyDrive Connect. DonHopkins on Feb 27, Some of TomTom’s high-end devices like the TomTom GO have built-in accelerometers and gyros, and use “Enhanced Positioning Technology” to perform augmented dead reckoning when GPS signals are not available, like in tunnels and highly built-up areas. With that in mind, Honey decided to call his new company Etak, which is a Polynesian term for moving navigational reference points.

And it worked like magic.