Item s Added To cart Qty. The Product is damaged as a result of a natural disaster or act of God; c. Page 81 – Using the Printer Driver with Windows Advancing the paper to the tear-off position automatically To automatically advance your printed documents to the tear-off position, you need Continuous paper may be left in the printer. Page 8 Contacting Customer Support Turn on the printer.

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Select Print Setup or Print from the File menu of your application software. Slide the left edge guide to the center until it stops at the guide mark.

Epson LQ User Manual – Page 1 of |

The paper- thickness lever is on epdon left side of Raise it up, and then push it firmly until it fits in place. You can view printer status information in this window. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Keep the following tips in mind: The printer prints to the right of the position marked 0. Page 92 Using the Printer Software Espon set to Auto, the printer analyzes the data and uses unidirectional printing only for lines which require vertical printing alignment.


Epson LQ-1150II Dot Matrix Printer

Slide the left edge guide to the center until it stops at the guide mark. If the paper feeds before you can adjust its position to your satisfaction, you can increase the wait time.

Use the tractor as a pull tractor. Slide the left sprocket unit using the scale on the printer as a guide.

The following settings are available: One page of printing has spread to two pages. Make sure that your paper supply is positioned within 1 meter 3 feet of the printer.

Epson LQ-1150 II Dot Matrix Printer

Printable Area Printable area Single sheets, cards and envelopes: To end the self test, make sure the printer is not printing. Be sure that the fpson units on both tractors are aligned so that the paper is not crooked.

Then turn on the printer. The printer makes a strange noise, the beeper sounds five times, and the printer stops abruptly.

Printer Driver Settings Overview Printing on Single Sheets You can load single-sheet paper one sheet at a time using the paper guide of the printer. Adjusting The Top-of-form Position Adjusting the top-of-form position The top-of-form position is the position on the page where the printer starts printing. If you try to adjust the tear-off position beyond these limits, the printer beeps and stops moving the paper. Your single-sheet paper may be from to mm 5.


The screen shots in the following section are from the Windows NT 4. When you resume printing, the printer automatically feeds the paper back to the The lights stay off even when the power is turned on You need to move the print head by hand to remove the ribbon cartridge. High speed draft cps at 10 cpi cps at 12 cpi Draft cps at 10 cpi cps at 12 cpi cps at 15 cpi Draft condensed cps at 17 cpi cps at 20 cpi The lights stay off even when the power is turned on again.

Height Weight 6. Insert a new sheet. A Customer support in India Page 16 Keep the entire computer system away from potential sources of electromagnetic interference, such as loudspeakers or the base units of cordless telephones.