The IO-Link Master is easily integrated into a system network, and is compatible with existing and new industrial Ethernet environments. The Series DS Digital Staging Controller is capable of driving contactors for up to ten heaters or cooling devices to maintain a process at setpoint. They have a 15″ active XGA x touch screen. Tritex II actuators integrate an AC powered servo drive, digital position controller, brushless motor and linear or rotary actuator in one elegant, compact, sealed package. High power relay output module designed to meet the requirements of higher voltage applications. Magelis XBT F operator dialogue terminals with graphic screen are available with 5. Advantage Sentra Controller:

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Its built-in network interface makes it simple to connect to a wide variety of PLCs that support Modbus TCP and many other industrial networks. This allows easy comparison of network traffic and the action or reaction of switching events.

It also saves rack space for other in-chassis options.

EPI Communicator™

The DLM series provides unsurpassed flexibility in dial-up applications. The stack can also be ported to your platform, which can be done in less than one week. BAS Series Hardware with i.

It allows to offer additional services and to save on system-commissioning costs. In addition, the X can function as a full-featured 7-day programmable thermostat for single stage HVAC systems.

The iPanel may be used to display data graphically over corporate Ethernet, Internet or wireless networks, enabling users to manage plant floor devices from office, home or field locations.


ValuMass™ 440 Insertion Thermal Mass Flow Meter

This is the basic operating mode for flow measurement. Powerful pre-built example applications with VB and C source code included in development package. All Modbus slave responses are passed without changing any data, which enables these gateways to be used in a wide variety of applications. The Modbus TCP driver can interface many different protocols into Schneider Electric Quantum processors as well other solutions supporting the protocol.

Any of the 4 buttons can be configured for heating, air-conditioning, illumination, blinds- or shutter-control. This netX Chip-Carrier is a solution that offers reasonable costs per unit and reduced risk and fast time-to-market. Stand-alone DIN-rail mounted gateways that provide one Ethernet port for communication, allowing for remote configuration and diagnostics, and up to four 4 serial communication ports.

The Blue Fusion is a high-performance programmable automation controller designed for industrial discrete and process control applications. It is built on a Linux-based single board computer, ruggedized for harsh field environments, and features a wide eodridge of custom application options.

The outputs control solid-state switching of lamps, horns, and other devices. Panorama helps you to reduce energy usage, improve productivity, product quality and customer service.

EPI Communicator | Eldridge Products, Inc.

Proline t-mass 65 is a heavy-duty, high-performance thermal mass flowmeter. The M wireless companion is a single slot backplane compatible module that allows the M processors to interface easily with the WiFi wireless network in order to communicate with devices located remotely.

Magelis XBT H display units and terminals modbis function and service keys on the front panel and a text fluorescent or LCD back-lit display depending on the model. The display, pushbuttons, outputs and software wldridge integrated in this single multi-loop package. Its numerous integrated options enable it to be adapted to and incorporated into electrical installations and sophisticated control systems.


Multi-tube capability is included and is easily invoked with a few configuration changes and interface connection to external transducers, either digital or analog.

The ezeio controller connects to analog sensors, switches modbks Modbus RTU devices locally, and communicates via the Internet to the ezecontrol. These modules provide an isolated Ethernet network interface for twelve analog input channels. If you are unsure, please contact the factory. MVI56E enhancements include configuration and management through the module? Each unit provides 16 high-level analog voltage out-puts to control various industrial devices.

Connect to a host devices via Wireless Four buttons to set parameter for single room application with integrated temperature sensor; Optional extension modules add digital inputs, relay, triac or analogue outputs for single room controller operation.

The Altivar 68 has several application-specific preset configurations with few basic parameters that can be modified using the programming terminal to create additional functions.

Ethernet device server that provides Ethernet to serial networking capabilities.