It’s a P4 2. C’tait so it read. Log in Become a member. Hi for all, Today, installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit , and apparently seemed okay happened, but I can not release the sound, I get an error “the device is being used by another application please close any devices que are playing audio” This is a very great interface with enough ins and outs to run your whole studio. Much lower latency and stability than all the usb interfaces I tried. I use the Lynx Two-C in my main computer and L in the other here in the studio.

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I have almost forgotten that the card is in my rack and that’s perfect! Forums Posts Latest Posts. Ticks ceho off because I really did try to do my homework when choosing the board.

Still a very nice board and I can hook up pretty much anything imaginable but that one little thing reduced the stability of my Layla.

If it ever breaks it will be difficult to find a good replacement. I liked Echo Audio, they were very responsive and made quality hardware. I use it at home, in the studio to record live.

The connections are comprehensive. If you want the newer version look into the Layla 3g. Product replaced by the Echo Layla3G. So it was not easy to find the right port.


Also the Layla has an optical out on to of the optical in so if you got a more modern interface that has an optical in I’m not sure if the Fast Track has optical in then you could use the Layla as the expansion unit and get some extra channels. If you have a lot of gear, you can have it all hooked up at the same time and never had to unplug anything in order varla get darlw gear hooked up. I went with a Roland Quad-Capture and have been happy with it so far.

Swapped it for an AudioFire Pre 8 about 5 years ago and it still sits in the mix room to this day, working without a hitch. I’ll be doing a complete overhaul of the system now that I know much more than I did back then so maybe it’ll be more useable but the 18i6 is my go to.

The internal mixer is convenient. I am thankful for the experience that I had with the Layla and I am sure all of those around me were too.

Alot of people where having issues especially when using it in a small space that gets warm. Its price chutte rarla, but it is excellent.

ECHO Layla 24/96 Digital Multitrack Recording Midi Interface Untested AG 10 B22 | eBay

I use it with Cubase SX and Ardour. I like it, but I’d probably be more the RME Fireface which is more my needs micro pramplis, routing of egg. Our members also liked: You cant beat that. I previously had an Edirol FA If it’s performing well, keep it – just ad a dedicated pre-amp or two to your setup. You’ve given me a lot to think about.


Echo always made the best drivers, even when they were writing them for Mackie 2496. It is a great piece of gear. Being in engineer school, I get the chance to work with a lot of interfaces and the Layla by Echo is one of the ones that I wont forget because it worked well and it lasted a long time. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. This is a very great interface with enough ins and outs to run your whole studio.

For the recordI am Brazilian and here in Brazil is very expensive to buy a current board Thanks for listening. I believe RME and Lynx Although an expensive purchase hair leaving it MRIT that s’interresse it. When it first came out it was affordable but probably still a little too expensive for the average person to invest into a piece of gear from a darlx they have never heard of.