You can receive a fax by picking up the handset of the extension phone and then pressing the remote receive code see “Receive Code” , or by accessing Fax On Hook Dial Yes when the bell is ringing you can hear voice or fax tones from the remote printer and then pressing Start on the operator panel. Tell us about it. Press Scroll or to highlight Email setup and press Select 3. You can enter up to You can scan documents from. Insert the paper tray into the printer until it snaps into place.

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Double-click MFP Configurator on the desktop. Overlay Overlays are often used to take the place of preprinted forms and letterhead paper. Press Select to select New. Page If you have stored the overlay file you want to use on an vell source, such as a CD or floppy disk, you can also load the file when you access this Load Overlay window.

Open and close the front cover to resume printing. Find the location of the connector and the optional tray positioners. Enables you to change the scan properties and scan a document. Press Scroll or to highlight Auto Fit and press Select 5. Paper Output Capacity If you are unsure of what type of paper you are loading, such as bond or recycled paper, check the label on the package.


If the paper does not come out with the duplex unit, remove the paper from the bottom of the printer. The preview image is provided so that you can see how the watermark will appear on the printed page. Load the document to dll copied on the document glass, and close the document cover.

Dell dn Specs – CNET

Do not position the machine near a humidifier. Exit all software applications. You can also configure the destination launches when you access Scan and then PC. You can enter a name you have stored in the Address Book.

Dell 1815dn Multifunction Mono Laser Printer User Manual

Set the following options for the current copy job before pressing Start to make copies. Dell dn Printer Driver Download. Press Select to access USB key. After choosing the port, click Next. If your Dell Laser dn Printer is not working. Includes the power cord.

Dell 1815dn Multifunction Lase Printer MFP Copy Fax Scan

Call your fax number from another telephone. The message displays in the preview image window.


Dell all-in-one inkjet printer. Follow the procedure of the desired operation Broadcasting transmission; see “Sending Broadcasting Faxes”, Delayed transmission; see “Sending a Delayed Fax”. The wrong printer driver was selected. Setting up the Email Account 1.

Look inside this article for additional information on the Dell dn error codes and a. The air should not be too dry or too humid.

The following problems may cause print quality deviations, jamming or even damage to the printer: To print more than one page per sheet, the pages will appear decreased in size and arranged on the sheet. Remove the jammed paper from the printer.

Remove the printer drivers if you are upgrading the software or if your driver installation fails. Zooms the image in. The basic scanning process involves a number of steps: