When you print on envelopes, be sure to specify the envelope setting on the printer driver. Plain Sets the reference voltage setting for the transfer roller for plain paper within the range of -3 to 3. To change a password to limit access to the menus. Also, the printer status is refreshed when Dashboard is launched or Preferences is closed. Simultaneous Connections Displays the number of connections received simultaneously by the client.

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Alignment Prints a chart, and then check for proper alignment of the print image on the paper.

Envelope Displays the voltage setting of the transfer roller for envelopes. Links to the Dell web page.

Dell CW Printer Driver Download

Direct Download Print Speed: Alignment Drll Click to print a chart, and then check for proper alignment of the print image on the paper. The XPS driver is supported on the following operating systems: Dell and the Environment Click the hyperlink to access the web site about recycling.

Closed Indicates that the cover is closed.


The terms and conditions upon which Microsoft is licensing such intellectual property may be found at http: Administrator Password Sets the password using up to 10 alphanumeric characters. Reply Address Designates the reply e-mail address sent with each e-mail alert. Depending on the size of print media, first slide the length guide backward until it stops, and dfll slide the MPF extension until it touches print media. This uses less energy, but requires more warm-up time for the printer. C16660w you use toner cartridge of another manufacturer, be sure to restart the printer.

Download Dell Cw Laser Setup file. Yes Performs the initial setup for the printer.

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To quit setting new values, press c166w0 button. Loading Print Media 8 Adjust the width guides until they rest lightly against the edges of the stack of print media. I saw that some others on this More Less. Adjust Altitude Displays the altitude of the location where the printer is installed. In this case, enter Set button.

I think they said PP something. To display the version of the controller.

Dell C1660w Color Laser Print User Manual: Adding A Printer On Mac Os X 10.4.11

Disable Disables the LPD port. Owner Displays the name of the job owner. If you do not start configuring the initial settings, the printer automatically restarts in three minutes. To display the service tag of the printer. Select Web Services Device from Device type. Enter a numeric value between 0 and in each field. If you are an administrator on the computer, click Yes; otherwise, contact your administrator to continue the desired action.


See “Clearing Jams” on page When loading paper, identify the recommended print side on the paper package, and load the paper accordingly. Still getting message on printer cancelling job message. Wireless Connection The specifications of wireless setting function are described below: When you access these menus, the authentication window appears on the screen.