I have a problem. Thu Dec 04, 9: I have Vista 32bit Have anyone uninstalled the BT drivers and installed the BtSix drivers sucessfully connected the controller? Mon Jan 05, 3: Yeah, and just to be clear, NONE of those versions let you use two dualshocks in any usable way. U kunt dit controleren.

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Windows 10 Education 64 Bit the charging, but it also enables it as a controller for Windows and disconnects it from the PS3, so I can’t use that. The obvious answer to do so is of course by using motioninjoy.

Thu Jun 05, 8: I still have a MS freestyle pro controller, bought it back in 99 or so.

Fri Dec 05, It always sees the Mac. I have Vista 32bit Have anyone uninstalled the BT drivers and installed the BtSix drivers sucessfully connected the controller?

Some of the instructions are just plain out wrong and make zero sense at all. So I’ve been trying to figure out how to fix this and decided to run the Btsis Joysticks application as administrator. Do anybody know how it works on Windows Vista 64bit?? The only “bluetooth” i’m getting under device managers is this.


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This guide should serve as a quick pointer for first time Dolphin user. Sun Jan 04, So until someone comes up with a fix on the later versions, you can not use two dualshocks for anything useful.

Windows drivers for PS3 controllers

I have been wrestling with these drivers for over a year now, and I know what I’m doing. Nov 14, You’ll need to install libusb-winfilter-bin You are commenting using your WordPress.

Jan 24, Messages: Motioninjoy gave me error codes which didn’t allow the drivers to isntall, windows recognizes my btslx controller but none of the buttons works when i press it. Actually, i don’t have second controller, but next month maybe i buy bfsix dualshock3: Yobber17Oct 29, Jan 10, Disabled by default More discussion about this over here: Last edited by cisforcookie on Tue Jan 06, 1: And have you installed the drivers properly?


PS3 controller for PC | Page 3 | NotebookReview

Sadly, for me, MotionJoy is a horrible option. The requested page was not found on this site! Neither controller has the vibration bug.

Oct 6, Messages: I think the problem lies with the games because all the buttons and sticks are recognised btisx working in Windows game controllers. I map buttons as ‘analogue xx’ but they seem to work as digital Hi all,i can’t make 2 wireless controllers to work together i have 3 wireless controllers. Otherwise my front-end will just MobileArtist Aug 13,