Type E-5 Pressure Omlmj C. These replacement units are thoroughly factory re-builf units. This guarantee does not include liability for installation costs or contin- gencies of any character. Webster engineers, therefore, concentrated their efforts on the development of methods for assuring prompt, complete and continuous discharge of both air and condensation. The inside of Sylphon bellows J is filled with water through intake orifice Hj which is protected by a screen. Figure 18 shows method of dripping a blower-type heater using Webster Series ’79” and “78” Traps.

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Network – Brother MFC-JDW Service Manual [Page 25]

Recommended Ralingt rn Sq, Fr. Cast iron adjustable split covers are available for pits 16″, 20″ and 24″ diameter. Heavy duty traps, capable of handling Urge volumes of coridens, t ion and air. The revoking element of the pump con be brrother removed for inspection. See Shipping Policy for details and conditions. The filter is usually connetted between ihe feed pump and the boiler. Double Slip Lb.

Brother MFC-J6510DW Service Manual: Network

Various bucket and float types of traps when properly appUed will handle large volumes of condensation, but they are less effective in removing the air. The problem of securing the same result at proc- ess steam pressures — i.

Distribution piping is ordinarily insulated to reduce heat loss. Size has one inlet opening and one outlet on cover plate. Spokane 7, Wash, Syracuse 2, N.


The buck is covered with a soft thick felt padding. Per Clothes FresHes Max. Elimination of the many joints necessary in a duple- strainer made up with valves. An indication of the reserve strength is given by the test illustrated in Figure 5.

Steam is usually sup- phed through a pressure-reducing valve and a hand-control valve and at a pressure to provide ihe desired cooking rate, usually 5 to 6 lbs. They are similar in design to the warming closets and contain in addition steam atomizers to spray steam vapor into the compart- ment.

Continuous hciUinu; wrih forced tir- culatiou hot water. From the top of brither vertical separating pipe marked 4 and from the outlet W on the top of the Heavy Duly Trap, vent pipes are run and joined nc–230h, discharg- ing into a heating main or outboard to atmosphere.

Therefore, the installation uf a strainer IS always recommended hi protect such etjuipment. Two ol the largest manufac- turers make ironers having rolls and inches long.

Motor to be H. The “master” trap does not pass the air read- ily and the apparatus does not heat up quickly- Frequently il has been necessary to provide air cocks to relieve the air from the system.

If water is discharged from an enclosure where this condition prevails into a space at atmospheric pressure the degrees F. This will reduce the amount of fuel used for heating while you are away from the house.


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Urn Stands conraining dish hearing compartments. The control components have been designed especially to facilitate this adjustment and the in- corpnrtition of the adjustable means is one of the outstanding features of the unique design of this Webster Control. A beother should tx- inslatted ahead of the regulating valve. Pool Sauve, Ministercolled for a heating system of greol flexibility as well as dependability. Webster Process Steam Traps have now been placed in thousands of installations where they have definitely proved all that was claimed for them — quick, continuous and complete discharge oi air and water of condensation with resulting im- portant economies and marked production in- creases.

Radiator Orifices There shall be installed in each radiator brotheg con- nection Webster metering orifices of a type suitable for inslallation in the radiation supplied. However, for best heating results, it is preferable to mount the W’alvector 4″ above the floor line. Pressure reducing equipment should be used if initial steam pressure exceeds 15 lb.

There- fore the installation of a strainer Js always recommended to protei t such ct uipment.