I posted this in the deal forum, forgot we have a thread in the Networking section. Both were used with a fairly new Presario laptop. You cant get widgets best things ever and it looks like something from many many years ago. So, what kinds of mods have you guys done to this little device? On what do you make your basis? We have been running this unit along side our regular phone service to make sure it works. You would think they could at least have made text and the built in keyboard look better.

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Although the internet connection was slow we were able to link several devices at one time.

BlueProton Gsky 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g High Power WiFi USB Adapter w/ 9dBi Panel Antenna

The manufacturer is adding the antenna gain to the rated peak output power to effectively say that the radio with attached 5 dBi antenna outputs as much power as a 27 dBm or mW radio would with a normal antenna, albeit in a narrower beam width. Can you tell me what they are and the cost bllueproton each? Log in or Sign up.


I’ve pretty happy with my gsky. Know if you look at the ERP is over Watts. If the GSky is less sensitive that is not a blheproton choice but if it is tougher may be it is worth it. Dec 19, I haven’t delved too deeply into the details of this particular wireless adapter yet, but I wanted to at least share some knowledge about wireless power ratings in general: I think that if the antenna is a bit unplugged it can be damaged, but I always took care of that, having my antenna well tightened.

The Realtek RTL driver version 6. We have used this for the past 2 years, and it has done very well for us. What reading gives us the sensitivity? Dec 20, BlueprotonnDec 9, Dec 9, 3. I’d like to give the Alpha adapter but would like to have a better idea whether it’s a GSKY issue or related to my laptop or handling first. Your name or email address: The second line tech had to set blueprohon the phone but I left, came back and it was working.

BlueProton Gsky mW 1W b/g High Power WiFi USB Adapter w/ 9dBi Panel Antenna

So, what kinds of mods have you guys done to this little device? Dec 9, 1. If you want Rhapsody, go Netgear; if you want free, go Linksys. At range, your adapter is going to fall back into Dec 9, 8. The Express is highly portable, so throw it in your case, and take it on the road.


I follow RBWilton here.

Seems there are better options. Comments and questions to Julian McAuley jmcauley cs. If you can recieve or see the remote clients how are you going to connect to them? HulkDec 23, This thing is junk. The label on the newer one now high gloss instead of a plain aluminum sheet with print.

Official BlueProton GSKY Wireless Thread

The SpyderDec 17, Dec 9, 4. As for Amazon Unboxed, I am able to watch the copies I downloaded for removable devices. Even when i google the MFR model numbers all the webpages gwky pull up also claim the B chipset.

Intel Architecture Day.