No such device Hint: Aureal releases Vortex Linux-drivers!!! Sound will fail after the computer resumes from standby mode, to work around this problem just mute and unmute sound in the volume control in Windows Millennium. Pentium II Deschutes vendor: I don’t really need sound at the moment.

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They probably signed one of those fucking NDA’s with them.

I’ll try using the other options you suggested. Huckberry– What exactly does your fix do?

Open Aureal Linux Driver – Freecode

This would also be a good time to read the INSTALL file in the alsa-driver-xxx directory particularly the bits about having kernel-sources installed – check by trying to install them eg in Mdk9.

Vortex 1 drivers with basic sound support are included in Windows and beta reference drivers are available Are Windows XP drivers available for Vortex 1 based sound cards? I’d like to say that I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to throw out my Aureal Vortex based sound card. Multimedia audio controller product: Fri Jan 21, 6: At least version 1. This explains how to build from source tarballs.


Just curious, if I enable ipv6 in my kernel next time I recompile, does it actually do something, or does my ISP have to support ipv6? Here is an example for an au based card. Here’s the example for this card. March 1st, 6.

Now you’ll need to adjust your soundcard’s volume levels. System Memory physical id: Fuckin shit they release two days after I bought SB Live.

According to this PR: Linux works and my sound card works You sure about that? If I didn’t do it htat way I couldn’t save the changes.

All in all, I’d say this is excellent. How can I remove the dos support when using the Windows 9x Vortex 1 reference drivers?

Aureal releases Vortex Linux-drivers!!!

Jan 21, Posts: Smaller output amp 4. Zoran Corporation physical id: If your card doesn’t have hardware volume control e. Setting boot flags 0x1 apm: Help answer threads with 0 replies. Most modern distros come with soundcore compiled as a module. Once you have opened alsamixergui or otherwise set your unmuting and volumes, do command: As a matter of fact, a fellow student has asked me to join him in a college project to design a new kick-ass PCI sound card with entirely open specs.


I’ve loaded wattOS on it, which is working fine except for no sound. Nothing to worry about as such, optionally please update to latest version of modutils.

Fri Jan 21, If SMP truly is broken, then I can’t use these drivers; you can bet in a second that they would work if they opened the source, though: