In the beginning it was the fastest graphic card, which was available for notebooks, but nowadays it is part of the lower performance segment. Share This Page Tweet. Details on the package solutions available for the Mobility Radeon Pro were not available but we suspect that the chip will begin production in a discrete only design. If you don’t want a new system, then the RAM is the only part I’d recommend upgrading, in addition to the hard drive which you already did. We noticed the move in graphics memory from 64MB to MB on the desktop side about five months ago and the notebook market seems to be quickly following.

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We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Also present is video-input support and MPEG-2 hardware encode acceleration which we investigated in our All-in-Wonder Pro review.

Briefly, a few important things to remember about the Radeon and thus the Mobility Radeon chips are the facts that it is produced on a 0. Apparently the load imposed by 4X AA on top of the shader work this test demands prove to be too much for the MR Further only a version with MB was allowed to get this name.

Not only will it prove to be much more beneficial in the end as you will be getting a much more powerful system for probably not too much more money, but replacing the GPU would be a PITA and hardly worth it for a IMO. The match-up between the MR and the Go will be particularly interesting, since the Go has a maximum core clock of MHz, as does the MR Just how fast the memory will go ATI is not yet saying, probably due to the fact that GDDR2-M memory is not readily available or in mass production quite yet.


CheleAug 11, Mobility Radeon compare. This test only uses DX7-level features, and nearly all objects in the scene are single-textured.

ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Review

664mb That part was shipped with clock speeds ranging from MHz to MHz. Like its desktop counterpart, the GPU is built on 0. Wingolf Sep 21, Instead you should read up on the chip here.

If you don’t want a new system, then the RAM is the only part I’d recommend upgrading, in addition to the hard drive which you already did.

Looking for a small laptop with decent graphics capabilities WingolfSep 20,in forum: In addition, the frame rates would have been completely unplayable with 4X AA and 8X AF turned on at this high resolution.

I dont think will cut it too well.

ATI Mobility Radeon Review – ExtremeTech

Taken as a percentage, it would appear that the MR is yet again well ahead 2. Dec 26, at 3: Similar Threads – Decent gaming laptop. I doubt I’ll buy a laptop again for gaming, but after I find an appartment and settle I will rafeon build a high-performance desktop.


The Mobility Radeon is an outdated card as it is – there won’t be a drastic difference going from your GeForce 4 Ti.

But that said, the MR delivers an important evolutionary step towards bringing solid 3D gaming performance to gamers on the go. The Mobility Radeon is available in four configurations: Notebooks and Desktops for Sale. My question is, with the following specs, where will I stand in terms of a gaming laptop though this is an all-around workhorse: In the following list you can select and also search for devices that should be added to the comparison.

The predecessor version of the ATI Radeon Mobility differs by its low clock speed and the worse Z-compression was improved with This is a nice addition for those driving HDTVs or high quality projectors with their notebook during presentations. It’s better to simply get a new laptop as posted, rather than try to upgrade your current system.

ATI Mobility Radeon – ThinkWiki

Turn the page to find out. It’s just easy that you save a little more money and then buy a new laptop. JefferiesAug 10,