I’ll try to change the program. Message 3 of Message 6 of Message 8 of Message 5 of But I still don’t know how to put my ‘measurement part’ and my ‘logging part’ together.

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There’s very little in that program that is correct. Message 9 of I hope the snaps below will help to explain the problem: The logging part is completely wrong because you use local variables placed outside the loop.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies hp34420a Meter

Put some probes in the initialize VI and see where the error is occurring. Thank you for answering. Most Active Software Boards: Do I really have to use a While Loop or is there a function I don’t know yet? Message 7 of I want them to be parallelized agolent continuous. Ben64 The best way to say thanks is to give kudos!

Thank you ben and Jamesnow the machines are working properly, and I can continue my work. You must follow these steps.


Turn on Context Help and read the function descriptions. Thank you for the helpful response. This may mean that you selected the wrong instrument or your instrument lbview not respond. Timeout expired before operation completed. Does the returned ID really have a space after the comma, or did you just type it that way out of habit?

Keysight Instrument Drivers | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

This may mean sgilent you selected the wrong instrument or your instrument did not respond. I need to know: Hi, I am new to Labview so can you tell me how to uncheck the ID query please? Message 4 of Message 8 of Accepted by topic author Liira. I’d give this a go and see how you get on We know it is slightly different as it’s the a not the a, so this may be the cause.

I’m not sure exactly what happened that manually throwing SCPI labivew at it wasn’t working out, but it’s working now, so I guess I’m on to debugging the program now.


Message 10 of Most Active Software Boards: A basic program using the or would go something like this. I’ll try to change the program.

Thank you very much. Should any changes be made to the driver or the code or is it perfectly compatible with the instrument? Mi whole acquisition programm seems to be working It should be around the scan and read function.

Thank you so much.