January 21, at 8: Beta versions of TPG software are starting to look powerful…. The Actisense device is also cheap and saves having to implement all the address claims etc. For developers and seriously technical installations, then a larger network with multiple Signal K servers, Signal K sensors, etc. Will also be testing the NGW

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Running that demo one can see the packets all over the network, including wireless connected laptops. I actisensf I have all that right because it sure sounds good to me.

If this gateway outputs proprietary messages onto ethernet, are they compatible enough with the standards that they would be transmitted thru my wifi hub I if I added one to my boats ethernet network? That would make all of us Mac Sailors so very happy!

The DLL is freely available to any software developer and is there to help, not to ngr-1 anything.

Actisense NGT-1 NMEA 2000 gateway, now we’re talking

There are so many issues that could be created that I will not bore you with them all here, but the first one will most certainly concern Address Claiming, which is a complicated business and must be completed and updated before you can send any messages on the bus. I think the article for Avia Design on the main Panbo page talks about just such a product.

Unless you are a Java programmer and intend to do your development, the Node-Server is probably the more popular and up to date of the two server solutions as of Febbut there is nothing to stop you installing both and seeing which you prefer.


For instance, bundling in an NGT-1, or a similar gateway, may required. January 19, at Panbo is going to the next level in and beyond.

Actisense NGT-1

January 21, at 6: By Jonathan Udell4 weeks ago. But I can tell you this: The Actisense device is also cheap and saves having to implement all the address claims etc.

I want to see open source hardware available and libraries for development. Subscribe to Panbo Actisnese to Panbo to be notified of new posts and content.

Range appears limited but something like the Cables Unlimited device listed here might be used to eliminate the need for a PC and onboard WiFi server: Currently the most cost effective, powerful and best supported actisennse platform for a Signal K server is the Raspberry Pi. Dan Corcoran bcapt says: Getting Started with Signal K In this section we will look at different ways you can install and use Signal K on your boat.

For boat owners that want to use Signal K with the minimum of effort, then the Basic Starter Pack gives you a simple way to install Signal K on your boat and start using the free apps and services that are available.

Signal K » Installation

Obviously any programmable device, like a Mobile phone, that can access the network via wireless or Ethernet cable could be programmed to use the data. Is a similar but slightly different gateway coming for bluetooth instead of ethernet so we can have wireless access to our N2K traffic at much lower power consumption and complexity than having to maintain a WiFi hub on our boats?


Actisensee ultrasonic wind sensor, the plot thickens November 14, Recent Forum Posts RE: Will also be testing the NGW It should be a better way to go. Look forward to supporting more N2K functionality going forward.

Actisense NGT-1

These standards need to be published for Free, like internet standards. NMEA to bluetooth?

There are a number of models, but the Raspberry Pi3 is probably the best model to go for and includes a Wi-Fi adaptor that can turn it in to a mini-wireless router, allowing you to serve up web pages to your mobile devices with no additional equipment. By Steve Mitchell1 week ago.

As a result, nearly any computer can be used as the hardware for a Signal K server, although a certain level of performance is required to avoid slow loading of web pages, etc. I could go to Make and buy an Arduino actsiense couple of modules, load up my NMEA libraries and then start to buid in custom functions.

June 25, at