By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. You might pop the fets if the diodes are on the solenoids, and you connect them with the wrong polarity. Will this circuit be able to deliver 5V 2. Excellent post, was very illuminating! However in the simulator I’m using there is no difference between the opto being lit or not, so I’m not sure if the circuit is bad or it’s the simulator.

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Sorry no T2 and R1. At 5 Volt GS it can however only take some 4. Should I try to use a BC for exemple to turn on the Mosfet like the schematic 3 and in this case when I put my output high the Mosfet is off, so I should put it Low to turn on my load, is it?

Not sure about the control input of a servo. The Vce in saturation is about 0. The transistor may burnt.

Optocoupler4N35 \ Learning \ Wiring

Great, that is good to know. The following circuit is the result of my research and testing in Livewire. What i like you to do mowfet is to detach the pic-circuit and just put 5 Volt on the entrance of yr FET circuit, via say that ohm resistor, and see if then your lamp behaves the same.


So, the bottom line is: Sign up using Email and Password. I just touched the gate pin to turn motor on. R19,20 have the right ratio, but could be lower values.

Using MOSFETS with TTL levels (5 Volt and 3.3 Volt)

This is true, but it’s pretty much the only example I could find on the net. Post as a guest Name. The simplest circuit is just a 12 V regulator but that is very inefficient. They are good switches,but you dont want to use them as resistors. Good luck with your project. I will use Arduino to dim the power acording to inputs from ,osfet. It start switching on at around 3V and it seems to be quite wide open at 4,5V.

I am using this converter: It is not expensive: Excellent post, was very illuminating!

Should you however be stuck with a FET like the IRF that really needs a high voltage to switch efficiently then use the following circuit: D1 MUST be included – this provides protection against mosfst back emf spike which occurs when the motor is turned off. A logic level mosfet means that it is designed to turn on fully from the logic level of a microprocessor. Since the current draw on the Servo PWM signal input is very low, it can be compatible with the oputcoupler output, so I thought to use only the opto to control the Servo.


Perhaps one of the wires is corrupt. Good luck, but dont hesitate to ask again shld you need further advice.

Using MOSFETS with TTL levels (5 Volt and Volt) – Arduino, ESP & Raspberry Pi stuff

Say that mosfte 2 Volt. I had a IRF Mosfet but now i understand why it became very hot. Using Digikey’s parameter selection system let’s spec the “ideal FET for this and similar applications. I have a hard time believing it would work properly for reasons I explained earlier, but if you say it works for you… great.

Can I leave it unconnected? Will this circuit be able to deliver 5V 2.