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Let your conscience be your guide…

The other day, I spotted a Twitter post from my friend Deborah Nixon ( referencing Curious about why a shoe reseller would warrant calling out, I visited the website to see what’s up. What I found is quite compelling. The concept behind Toms Shoes is enormously humanitarian, and propelled me to want to find a pair of shoes or two to purchase (which, incidentally, was not a problem).

As an example of marketing with a social conscience, Toms Shoes is a remarkable story. The results of the movement that Blake Mycoskie has started has been nothing short of phenomenal. With 300,000+ pairs of shoes distributed to children in need in 2009 alone, the public has clearly embraced the idea.

Knowing that kids are benefitting from the purchase makes wearing the shoes feel all that much better. My hats (and shoes) are off to Blake and Toms Shoes.