The murmuration of life…

A murmuration of starlings over Gretna

Ask any starling…Time flies when you are having fun. Well, I sure must have been enjoying one heckuva good time the last six and a half months!! Wow. Has it really been that long since I posted up on ideationz? Yup. It sure has.

I feel as if I owe my friends and readers a little explanation. So, here goes: I have none. All I can tell you is that  I’ve been working with some wonderfully talented folks, creating global engagement solutions for some of the biggest household names in the land. I’ve been listening, reading, watching, speaking with, sharing ideas among, and mostly learning about a myriad of changes underway in organizations, cultures, brands, and channels.

New issues, from wading through the market realities of ACA, to the migrational shift underway in the workplace, to the global reallocation of resources and capital, to the impact of QE3 on worldwide equity markets, have made for no shortage of change in all aspects of business, politics, economics and lifestyles.

This hiatus from ideationz has provided me with more to muse over, more to ruminate about, and more time to re-energize my emotional batteries. Change is good, change is real, change is everything. And it is time to get back to the fundamentals of adapting, innovating, and enduring. The flock of thought is forming.

Thank you for being there while I was away. A new year of ideationz starts today. Hang on, it’s gonna be a helluva ride…

2 responses to “The murmuration of life…

  1. Edmundo Gamboa Jr.

    Great post, looking forward to reading morn amigo..,

  2. Welcome back, professor! Eager to hear your musings in the coming year!

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