2 responses to “On engaged employees and customer experience management…

  1. I completely agree that an engaged, committed employees are needed to ensure good customer service. Do you have any ideas on how brands can increase customer engagement?

    • Thanks for coming by! That is a great question. My instinct is that branding sets the table for customer engagement, but it is the experience that engages and retains the customer. Media, including paid, owned and earned, help contribute to the customer expectation. Reinforcement of those perceptions may occur via initial interaction with the product, service or channel. Alternatively there may be some cognitive dissonance if the initial exposure does not align with expectations. At that touch point, the customer will subconsciously make a critical decision to proceed or abort his/her decision to engage. The quality of the customer experience will almost always determine the longevity of the relationship.
      Exceptions may take pace if there is a compelling body of emotional connectors between the customer and the brand. In those relatively scarce situations, the customer may go to extreme intellectual and emotional lengths to rationalize an unacceptable encounter.
      The bottom line: the only truly reliable path to a loyal customer is by lining up the experience with the promise, explicit or implied, of the brand.

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